This is the official website of the LiquidO project, led by the homonymous consortium (since 2016), pioneering and developing this novel detection technology for fundamental research and related innovation in the context of mainly particle physics. Our consortium is also very active in the prospect studies of the scientific potential of LiquidO, thus giving rise already to several new projects and experiments.

The development of LiquidO implies, since early 2013, an important R&D effort – on several fronts – as well as much prototyping. The main goals are to optimise the performance and ensure the readiness of the ultra-sensitive particle detection needed for possible advances in fundamental particle physics research. Its extreme sensitivity makes LiquidO best suited for neutrino research – likely one of the most challenging detection scenarios in fundamental research – where, actually, LiquidO was born. Indeed, several projects are currently deriving from our developments, led by different consortia and/or scientific collaborations. We retain however strong links to some of those projects due to commonalities in expertise and personnel as well as, most notably, a high degree of active co-development. The most developed LiquidO-based projects/experiments are (alphabetically ordered): the AntiMatter OTech project, the CLOUD experiment, the LPET OTech project, and the SuperChooz experiment whose feasibility exploration is addressed by the dedicated SuperChooz Pathfinder project.

This website is meant to provide some level of information on the LiquidO project status and the most up-to-date reference(s) and other useful information about our LiquidO-related projects. This is especially important during the early stages of technology development since the publications strategy is limited by the innovation articulation.

Since June 2022  – Last update: September 2022