Artist’s view of the SuperChooz experiment configuration at the EDF Chooz Reactor Nuclear Plant (France). Image by Marc Léger.

The SuperChooz is a potential future neutrino fundamental physics project under active exploration, while its physics programme is under active investigation and detailed definition. The SuperChooz detector technology is based on LiquidO, as in fact, this is so far the only possible way. Finally, the novel SuperChooz site infrastructure is also under exploration and definition. Combined, this makes the project a major potential neutrino flagship experiment in Europe located at the core of western Europe between Belgium, France and Germany and based at the EDF Chooz nuclear reactor site.

The SuperChooz project feasibility is actively being studied by the SuperChooz Pathfinder project, which was preliminary started in 2018 and officialised in 2022 under the leadership of EDF and CNRS scientists, reinforced by an international scientific collaboration and strongly supported by the LiquidO consortium.

Part of the building blocks of the SuperChooz experimental programme will be explored by the CLOUD experiment (approved & partially funded), which is a byproduct of the AM-OTech innovation project, funded by both the EIC and the UKRI, led by several European academic institutions with EDF across France, Germany, Spain, and the UK.

For possible questions regarding SuperChooz or SuperChooz Pathfinder: please for now contact directly A.Cabrera (IJCLab / Université Paris-Saclay, Orsay).