CLOUD Experiment

CLOUD (or νCLOUD) is a new and the first LiquidO-based neutrino experiment – approved & largely funded – addressing neutrino fundamental research using reactor neutrinos at Chooz.

After the CHOOZ and Double Chooz experiments, CLOUD opens the third generation of experiments at Chooz; the most powerful European site for reactor neutrino research. The homonymous international scientific collaboration (still under formation) supports the experiment, including the direct and unprecedented involvement of EDF in the project. CLOUD is the fundamental physics front of the innovation-focused AntiMatter-OTech project, supported by the EU-EIC and the UKRI.

Artist’s view of the CLOUD experiment setup and location at one of the ultra-near sites (targeting ≤30m) to one of the Chooz-B nuclear reactor cores. The neutrino emission (indicated as blue-rays) is only for illustration purposes.

The novel scientific programme of the experiment will be officially released soon – still under definition. The only public information provided so far was shown at the Neutrino-2022 conference during the LiquidO official talk. More details very soon.

CLOUD slide showed during the LiquidO talk (A. Cabrera et al) at the Neutrino-2022 conference (June 2022)